The Haunted Hunts At Pendle Hill - 'Saddlers Farm' - Season 3, Episode 4 Review

October 23, 2020 12:00 AM ‐ ParanormalHalloween

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The Haunted Hunts At Pendle Hill - Saddlers Farm

In the fourth episode of The Haunted Hunts new Amazon Prime series, Danny Moss and the team focus their paranormal investigation on Saddlers Farm near Pendle Hill, another possible location for Malkin Tower.

Previously in their weeklong investigation of Pendle Hill in Lancashire, Danny along with Rebecca Salisbury-Moss, Emma Dawe, Charlie Rutter, and Roxanne Rutter, have attempted to find the former locations of the legendary Malkin Tower. Despite being called a tower, Malkin was actually a small limestone cottage that was once home to one of the witches at the centre of the trials.

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This time the team act on new information and go to investigate a private house that dates back to the early-1700s - a location that is at the epicentre of the Pendle witch story.

Before the investigation, Danny said, "tonight heading out to this private home, this incredibly atmospheric location, Saddlers Farm is a huge step on this journey. It's a real hotspot. This is the most possible site of the once-so-famous Malkin Tower."

At the historic house the team split up to investigate the property using their full range of equipment including spirit boxes and various types of specialised cameras.

While Charlie was in a back room alone, Danny and Emma were calling out to the spirits of the farm in the lounge. Meanwhile Becki and Rox were in a bedroom conducting the Estes Method with a spirit box. This technique eliminates any subjectivity by cutting off the senses of Rox who was listening to and relaying the responses from the spirit box, she is unable to hear Becki's questions.
The Haunted Hunts - Pendle Hill - Series 3

During the investigation the team captured some impressive disembodied whispers on a locked-off camera, Becki and Rox had some seemingly intelligent responses through the Spirit Box and Danny and Emma were able to obtain some very relevant responses through a ghost hunting gadget called a Paranormal Puck. Danny described the investigation up to this point as "one of our most significant ever."

Later the team gather together in the lounge where they witness some of the best evidence that have ever captured. Using both a Spirit Box and a new kind of ITC device called the IntraVox.

The investigation and Danny's provocation of the spirits seemed to prompt a powerful response which proved too much for one member of the team who became very emotional, overwhelmed and had to be removed from the investigation. Danny believes that this occurrence was the result of the effects of an "extremely powerful entity".

The full series is available to watch now on Amazon Prime Video and continues in episode five as the teams continue their search for the spirits of the Pendle witches.

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