The Haunted Hunts At Pendle Hill - 'Witch Of The Woods' - Season 3, Episode 5 Review

October 24, 2020 12:00 AM ‐ ParanormalHalloween

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The Haunted Hunts At Pendle Hill - Witch Of The Woods

In the fifth episode of The Haunted Hunts new Amazon Prime series, Danny Moss and the team head into the forest of Pendle in their search for answers.

Previously in their weeklong investigation of Pendle Hill in Lancashire, Danny along with Rebecca Salisbury-Moss, Emma Dawe, Charlie Rutter, and Roxanne Rutter, investigated Saddlers Farm - a location that is at the epicentre of the Pendle witch story. Danny said that the investigation there was "one of our most significant ever."

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This time the team move on to ancient woodland near Pendle Hill. The forest is just half a mile from their previous location and Danny feels the team will be walking in the footsteps of some the witches at the centre of the 1612 Lancashire witch trials.

The episode begins with Danny on a solo pre-investigation at the forest where the memories of incidents in the previous night's investigation coupled with strange goings on in the woodlands around him started to play on his mind.
The Haunted Hunts At Pendle Hill - 'Witch Of The Woods'

Later that day after sunset, still feeling shaken, Danny lead the rest of the team into the forest. Due to Danny's uncertainty he insisted that the team performed a protection ritual before they got underway.

During their stakeout in the forest the team heard strange sounds like branches snapping and disembodied voices all around them, leading Danny to say "I feel like I'm in a horror movie."

Towards the end of the session they tried the Estes Method. This involved Danny putting on a blindfold and headphones cutting him off from the outside world and his teammates while having the sounds from a Spirit Box pumped through the headphones.

A Spirit Box rapidly scans through radio frequencies, it's believed that spirits can manipulate the static and white noise in these frequency ranges to form words and sentences. It was Becki who was calling out the questions in the dark forest. Danny couldn't hear her questions and the subjectivity of the Spirit Box was removed as Becki couldn't hear the responses through the device, only what Danny was relaying to her.

The team felt they had several intelligent responses through the device, which they believed were another example of how paranormally active this area of Pendle is.

The full series is available to watch now on Amazon Prime Video and continues in the final episode as the teams spend their last day in Pendle in search of the spirits of the witches.

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