The Haunted Hunts' Halloween Treat For Fans

October 15, 2020 7:00 PM ‐ ParanormalHalloween

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The Haunted Hunts - Pendle Hill - Series 3
With the third season of 'The Haunted Hunts' set to drop on Amazon Prime in a few days time, the team have revealed more Halloween treats for fans of the web series.

Season three of the Amazon Prime series will see the Haunted Hunts team head to the legendary Pendle Hill in Lancashire in search of the legendary Malkin Tower and the paranormal activity associated with the infamous 1612 Lancashire witch trials.

The six new episodes will stream on Amazon Prime before Halloween, but lead investigator Danny Moss has revealed that fans will get to see a little extra from the series in an exclusive behind the scenes episode.

The 40-minute special will drop on the team's YouTube channel on Saturday October 31, and will give fans the chance to see what went into making the series, unseen footage that didn't make the final cut, and even outtakes and bloopers from the weeklong shoot at Pendle Hill.

In the special you get to see Danny, plus the whole team made up of Rebecca Salisbury-Moss, Emma Dawe, Charlie Rutter, and Roxanne Rutter in their downtime between investigations in Lancashire and even find out what music perked the team up and they drove between the area's haunted hotspots.

In the upcoming third season, the team try to locate the location of Malkin Tower, which once stood in the area. Despite being called a tower, Malkin was actually a small limestone cottage that was once home to one of the witches at the centre of the trials.

The team also investigate several haunted locations in the village of Newchurch in the shadow of the hill. The village is famous to this day for its connection to witches and witchcraft.

During their time in Pendle they also investigated a private home, Saddlers Farm, which dates back to the early-1700s. Plus they search for the lingering spirits of witches in an ancient woodland at the foot of Pendle Hill.

The series comes to a climactic end as they spend the night in the infamous Lower Well Head Farm, making them the first paranormal team to investigate the legendary haunted location in almost two decades. It was at this final location that the team caught what Danny described as "the best visual evidence we have ever seen."

Not much is known about what the team uncover on their investigation in the third season, but we can tease you by exclusively revealing the titles of the six upcoming episodes.

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Season three of The Haunted Hunts 'Pendle Hill' will be available to watch in full on Amazon Prime Video from Tuesday October 20. The behind the scenes special will be available to watch on the show's official YouTube channel on the night of Halloween.

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