The 10 Wrost Movies Ever

March 22, 2010 10:39 AM

Steve challenges Kerry to a game of Guess the Geet and runs through the worst ten movies of all time, just to get Kerry's thoughts on it.

What is 'Guess The Geets'?  Uh... well that's hard to explain, 'geet' is some weird Northern word that Kerry uses a lot - but how many times did she say it in the last podcast?

I also get Kerry's thoughts on the top ten worst movies of all time, the list includes Patch Adams and Showgirls, I hope none of them are any of Kerry's favourite movies.

We catch up on how Kerry is adjusting to life in London, including a strange new custom Kerry that Kerry experienced in a London pub - what does it mean if a guy puts a penny in your drink?

There's also, probably the strangest podcast topic ever as Kerry tells us about the problems of her seasonal eye lash renewal and we try to get to the bottom of some of Kerry's infamous quotes...

"I'm beggining to become a bit upset that I gave up dancing to go into education. F**k education, I could be a professional stripper by now"

"There's so many things I would have loved to have been: A hairdresser, a waitress.... A paleontologist!"


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