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#StrangerThings3 Spotify Playlist

Stranger Things returns to Netflix for 2019 with its third season. The eight new episodes see the continuation of the adventures of Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Will Byers, Eleven as they battle a growing threat from the Upside Down in Hawkins.

As well as its loveable cast, supernatural plot, and its great mix of adventure, comedy and horror, one thing we all love about the hit series is the selection of music used. The show's soundtrack includes some of the most memorable hits from the 70s and 80s, as well as some slightly more obscure tracks. The music that featured in Stranger Things 2 can be found here.

The new season treats us to 80s favourites from Madonna, when we see Eleven getting a makeover in the mall soundtracked by 'Material Girl'. Plus, we've known since the first teaser trailer that we'll hear Motley Crue's 'Home Sweet Home' and The Who's 'Baba O'Riley'.

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Chapter 1 - 'Suzie, Do You Copy?'

Stranger Things Season 3 - Chapter 1

Alexandrow-Enesemble - 'Red Army is The Strongest'
The season opens with a scene which show Russia's attempts to open up the gateway to the upside. 'Red Army is The Strongest' plays at the end of the scene. Putting this in context, although 1984 puts us into a heightened state of international tension as Russia and the USA were locked in a nuclear arms race. A race that Russia, or the USSR as it was then, including all the countries it had as ‘pact' with, would eventually lose. But not before both countries had spent decades trying to out-compete each other with ever more powerful weapons. That this season opens with the Russians trying to access the potential power of the Upside Down.

Corey Hart - 'Never Surrender'
This plays early in the episode when Mike and Eleven are kissing in her bedroom. This power ballad was released by the Canadian singer in July 1985, reaching number 1 in Canada and number 3 in the USA. (It didn't chart in the UK!). Taken from Hart's album, Boy in the Box,  It was one of the big tracks of the summer that year in North America. Power ballads aren't really around much anymore, you can think of them as slowed down rock songs where the singer attempts to sing something ‘deep and meaningful' to their audience, usually about how in love they are, or how the person who loved them has left them and now they feel sad. So, a good track to soundtrack a teenage kiss! Corey Hart is best known for his single ‘Sunglasses at Night', which featured in season 1 of Stranger Things.

Gentlemen Afterdark - 'Open the Door'
In the scene where Nancy and Jonathan wake up together in the will Byers' house. Gentlemen Afterdark are an indie rock band from Arizona who were active in the 1980s.

Stray Cats - 'Rock This Town'
The Stray Cats can be heard playing at Hawkins Community Pool. Despite sounding like they're of the Elvis era of 1950s rock, they are an American band formed in 1979, and first saw success in the UK. This track was released originally in the UK in 1981, and in the US in 1982. They've got a new album out this year, Cat fans.

The Cars - 'Moving in Stereo'
Billy struts poolside to the sound of 'Moving in Stereo', released in 1978, The Cars were a new wave American rock band active from 1976-1988. An instrumental version of this track appeared in classic 80s teen film Fast Times at Ridgmont High.

Huey Lewis and the News - 'Workin For a Livin'
We see Nancy hurrying to the newspaper office with Huey Lewis and The News playing. An artist best known for their track ‘The Power of Love' which you'll know from Back To The Future, this track was a 1982 hit in the US for Mr Lewis and his ‘News'. The song is a good choice, as it was written about the working life of tricky jobs Huey had before he found success in a band. Something Jonthan and Nancy seem to be struggling with.

Patsy Cline - 'She's Got You'
This song can be heard playing in Joyce's place of work, Mevald's General Store in Downtown Hawkin. It's playing in the background during her conversation with Hopper.

Foreigner - 'Hot Blooded'
Foreigner plays while Billy is on lifeguard duty at the pool. A 1978 hit in the US, reaching 3 on the billboard chart, but only peaking at 42 in the UK. Foreigner are perhaps best known for their 1981 power ballad ‘Waiting For a Girl Like You'.

REO Speedwagon - 'Can't Fight This Feeling'
This power ballads plays while Mike and Eleven are once again getting cozy in her bedroom. This 1985 hit from American rockers REO Speedwagon was taken from their 1984 album Wheels are Turnin'. It hit the top spot in the US charts, but still reached 16 in the UK, back in the days when getting into the top 20 still meant something in terms of sales.

Cutting Crew – '(I Just) Died in Your Arms'
As Mrs Wheeler is getting glammed up for her date with Billy, Cutting Crew plays. Slightly out of time this track, as it was released by the UK pop rocker Cutting Crew in 1986 in the UK, and early 87 in the US. It reached number 1 in the US and number 4 in the UK. A little bit yucky, but apparently the singer and songwriter of the track, Nick Van Ede, came up with the title for the song whilst having sex with his girlfriend. And yet we were told men can't multitask.

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Chapter 2 - 'The Mall Rats'

Stranger Things Season 3 - Chapter 2

Jim Croce - 'You Don't Mess Around With Jim'
Buoyed up with his success at splitting up Mike and Eleven, Hopper is singing along to You Don't Mess with Jim from Jim Croce. Got to the top of the charts in the USA in 1974, so we can assume this is a popular track of Hopper's from when he was younger.

The Go-Gos - 'Get Up And Go'
This 1982 hit is taken from Vacation, the second album from all-female American new wave band The Go Go's. Members of the band included Belinda Carlisle who went on to a huge solo success in the 80s and Jane Wiedlin, who also had a big hit with Rush Hour in 1988.

Gunpoint Affection - 'Black Market Baby'
While Max is trying to skateboard 'Black Market Baby' is heard, taken from the 2006 album 'Coulda… Woulda… Shoulda'.

Altitude Music - 'Matter Of Love'
Playing during the Hawkins Community Pool scene. This electro-pop ditty comes courtesy of Altitude Music, Matter of Love. 

Andrea Litkei and Ervin Likei - 'Too Late for Tears'
Whilst Joyce is swotting up on her physics on the counter of the seemingly deserted shop she works in, this track is playing the background.

Weird Al Yankovic - 'My Bologna'
Playing at the house of school teacher, Scott Clarke, when Joyce goes to visit him with a science question. Weird Al was responsible for a string of comedy/parody songs in the 80s. His two most famous tracks are probable Eat It, which rips off Beat It by Michael Jackson, and Fat, which parodies Bad by, yes, Michael Jackson. Having said that, he's released over 150 parody tracks in his career and Mr Yankovic is still going strong.

My Bologna, which rips off My Sharona by The Knack – released in 1979, a track which itself features in J.J. Abrams Spielberg inspired 2011 film Super 8, was released originally in 1979 to cash in on the success of The Knack's My Sharona, but it was re-recorded and released again in 1983.

Bosworth's Ballroom Orchestra - 'Beautiful, Lovable'
Whilst Nancy on the phone to rat exterminators that old school dance band track you can hear is Bosworth's Ballroom Orchestra playing Beautiful, Lovable.

Madonna - 'Material Girl'
This Madonna classic plays while Max gives Eleven a makeover at the mall. Everyone knows this one. Released as a single in 1985, it appeared on her 1984 album Like a Virgin. It's one of her earlier singles that really helped establish her as a global star. The producer was Nile Rogers, originally of Chic, but famous for his production with everyone from Bowie to Daft Punk. The video to Material Girl is a tribute to one of Madonna's favourite films, Gentlemen Prefer blondes, which starred Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe. Madonna styled her appearance on in the video on Monroe.

Foreigner - 'Cold As Ice'
Foreigner can be heard moments after Eleven dumps Mike and plays as we see Hopper arrests one of the protesters outside town hall. The second appearance for the soft-rock balladeers in this season of Stranger Things, this 1977 and is taken from their eponymous album also of 1977.

Chapter 3 - 'The Case Of The Missing Lifeguard'

Stranger Things Season 3 - Chapter 3

Madonna - 'Angel'
Madonna plays near the start of the episode while Max and Eleven are hanging out. Max dances around her bedroom to this 80s hit. The third single from her second album, Like a Virgin, Angel charted in April 1985, reaching number 5 in the charts in the UK and the USA. Like Material Girl, this track was also produced by Nile Rogers of Chic fame, and apparently is an ode to 'heavenly love' and was inspired by Madonna's catholic upbringing.

Life by Night - 'Phone to Phone'
This track is playing when Hopper bursting in on Eleven and Max, called 'Phone to Phone' it was released in 2016 it's taken from an album of the same name.

Teena Marie - 'Lovergirl'
This song plays as Eleven and Max play 'spin the bottle', while Hopper relaxes in his favourite armchair, satisfied that Mike won't be with Eleven this evening. Lovergirl was released in 1984, this was the first single taken from Teena Marie's album Starchild. It reached the dizzy heights of 76 in the UK charts, whilst managing a more respectable 4 in the US. 

Trevor Jones - 'The Pod Dance'
When "Will the Wise" wakes Mike and Lucas Trevor Jones' 'The Pod Dance' is playing. This is a track from the soundtrack of The Dark Crystal, a puppet animated fantasy film released in 1982, and directed by mullet master Jim Henson.

Howard Jones - 'Things Can Only Get Better'
As Dustin and Steve scoping out the mall 'Things Can Only Get Better' by Howard Jones plays. This 1985 track came from the 1985 album Dream Into Action and reached 5 in the US charts and 6 in the UK. Howard Jones was a British synth-pop artist, famous for throwing off his mental chains in his first hit, New Song. Along with bands like Soft Cell, Flock of Seagulls, Tears for Fears, OMD and New Order, Jones formed part of the second British invasion of the American charts, the first being led by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the 60s. 

Wham! - 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go'
When Dustin and Steve tail someone they think is a Russian spy, they unwittingly stumble aerobics class and this song is playing. Released in 1984 from Wham!'s second album, Make It Big, which to date has sold over ten million copies worldwide.

Al Hazan - 'Is It a Sin'
When Eleven and Max arrive at the home of missing lifeguard, Heather this song is playing at the family dinner. Al Hazan was a songwriter and performer, mainly active in the 60s, this track was released in 1963. After leaving the business in 1965 he trained as a psychologist, going on to earn a commendation from President Ronald Reagan for his work with victims of violent crime, a skill quite useful in Hawkins we'd imagine.

Don McLean - 'American Pie'
After Eleven and Max leave, Billy and Heather attack her parents to the sound of Don McLean. The track comes from the 1971 album American Pie, the single hit the top spot of the US charts for four weeks in 1972, in the UK it reached number 2 for 3 weeks, and even managed a healthy number 12 position when re-released in 1991. The lyrics to the song contains references to American musicaland social history from the 1950s to the late 60s. The 'day the music died' in the song refers to the place crash that killed early rock and roll stars Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper, but Elvis and Bob Dylan are also in there.

Chapter 4 - 'The Sauna Test'

Stranger Things Season 3 - Chapter 4

Peter Mergener - 'A Little Bit of something'
The Mayor's partner comes home, while Hopper and Joyce investigate the farm. A Little Bit of something by Peter Mergener plays. It is taken from the 1992 album Take Off. Peter is a German electronic music composer who's still recording and has been releasing music since the early 80s, first in a duo as Software, and since the early 90s as a solo artist.

Vera Lynn - 'We'll Meet Again'
There's only one  song which features in this episode and it plays in the final scene of the episode when the Mind Flayer's gang are united. This song sets up a future meeting between Eleven and the 'evil forces' in Hawkins, we get that. The song itself was originally recorded in 1939 by Vera Lynn, known as 'the forces sweetheart' during World War Two as her songs of life back home were popular with troops abroad. We'll Meet Again in the original sense was meant to comfort people at times when loved ones could be facing death fighting the war in far off lands, not taking on demogorgons, but you get the idea.

Chapter 5 - 'The Flayed'

Stranger Things Season 3 - Chapter 5

Loverboy - 'Strike Zone'
When Todd's car pulls into the garage Loverboy plays, taken from the 1983 album 1983, Strike Zone got as far as number 23 on the US charts. Loverboy are a Canadian rock band who weirdly enough are still going. 

Sid Phillips and His Melodians - 'Boogie Man'
When Hopper and Joyce arrive at Murray's with Alexei, Boogie Man from Sid Phillips and His Melodians plays. Sid was a British jazz clarinettist and bandleader whop starting writing and producing music in 1930. 

Valentino - 'In our Hideaway'
The lovely elevator music playing in the background when Nancy and Jonathan are in the lift.

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Chapter 6 - 'E Pluribus Unum'

Stranger Things Season 3 - Chapter 6

Possum River - 'Stand up And Meet Your Brother'
The opening song of episode six, which plays during the scene at the town's county fair. Taken from their 1971 album, also called, originally enough, Possum River, the band managed to combine psychedelia and southern rock.

'The Wild Ride'
Hopper refuses to get Smirnoff/Alexi a cherry Slurpee and throws him out of Murray's bunker. Playing in the background of this scene is a track from the score of the 1988 Robert De Niro action comedy film Midnight Run. The track is called 'The Wild Ride' and was composed by famous composer Danny Elfman. His score for Midnight Run is of note because it was released the year before his score for Tim Burton's Batman really boosted his profile. Up until this point he was mainly seen as a rock musician who occasionally made music for film, rather than the full on soundtrack composer he later became.

Midnight Run is a popular film with screenwriters, very funny, lots of great dialogue, give it a go if you haven't already. 

'Package Deal'
Hopper explaining that Smirnoff/Alexei won't escape.
Another track from the Midnight Run soundtrack – this one is called Package Deal.

The Pointer Sisters - 'Neutron Dance'
When Dr. Alexei decides not to escape and start the car at Murray Bauman's hideout, this song is playing. Taken from their Break Out album of 1983, of particular relevance here is that the same track is used during a car chase scene in the Eddy Murphy film Beverley Hills Cop, released in December 1984. The track got to number 6 in the USA, and 31 in the UK.

'Stairway Chase'
The music playing as Murray clears away his evidence. Another rock track taken from the Midnight Run score, this is Stairway Chase. It's definitely worth watching this film if you haven't already, and this is prompting to us to go and seek out the score. Great to see tracks like this getting a new lease of life thirty years after they were originally scored and recorded.

Akio Dobashi & Annie Haslam - 'Moonlight Forest'
The track playing as alert sounds in bunker and Dustin rushes in, taken from the 1994 album Fox. (Bit unsure on this one as there's hardly any records of it).

Philip Glass - 'Satyagraha Act II: Tagore'
The scary music playing during the El/Billy meeting, and onto the end credits is from Philip Glass, it's a piece called Satyagraha Act II: Tagore taken from an opera Glass composed in 1979. Glass is famous for composing music that makes heavy use of repetitive structures of loops. His music is regularly used on film soundtracks, in addition to Glass being asked to create scores for films. You may have heard his music in Candyman, The Illusionist, Fantastic Four, Watchmen and even the Alan Partridge film, Alpha Papa. 

Chapter 7 - 'The Bite'

Stranger Things Season 3 - Chapter 7

John Mellencamp - 'R.O.C.K. in the USA'
This song plays during Mayor Kline's visit to the 4th of July fair. Taken from Mellencamp's 1985 album Scarecrow, the single, released in 1986,  got to the number 2 spot in the US charts, whilst hitting 67 in the UK charts. It's fair to say Mellencamp's particular brand of heartland rock, obsessed with the blue collar concerns of middle America, hasn't really translated that well outside the US, possibly because a lot of the same themes are touched on, arguably to a much better degree, by Bruce Springsteen, and even Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

US Marine Band - Semper Fidelis March
Marching band music playing whilst the Mayor opens the fair.

Bonny Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart
While Steve and Robin are discussing Robin's love interest Tammy Thompson's singing. they do an impression of her and start singing Total Eclipse of the Heart performed by the Welsh warbler Bonny Tyler and released in 1983. It was a global hit, reaching number 1 in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, New Zealand and, er, Norway. 

Chapter 8 - 'The Battle Of Starcourt'

Stranger Things Season 3 - Chapter 8

Yello  - 'Goldrush II'
Steve, Robin, Erica and Dustin head out from the mall to drive in Todd's car. Though they haven’t exactly set the charts alive in recent years, Yello are perhaps the most famous Swiss electronic music duo. Yes, ok, the only Swiss electronic music duo. Active since 1979, you may very well know them from their hit ‘Oh Yeah’ which popped up in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the Michael J Fox starring The Secret of My Success and multiple other films and TV shows.

Goldrush II comes from the 2005 remastered version of their 1987 synthpop album One Second.

Jackie Wilson - 'Higher and Higher'
This places during the scene where Erica accusing Dustin of making up his girlfriend Suzie, while in the car with Steve. This classic was originally released in 1967 peaking at 6 on the US Billboard chart, and peaking at 11 in the UK in 1969 when it got a release there. Jackie Wilson died in 1984, but the single got a re-release in the UK in 1987 and got all the way to 15 on the charts. There was a big fad for classic Motown and Atlantic soul tracks getting re-released in the UK in the late 80s, due a to a combination of being used on Levi’s jeans adverts, film scores, and a lot of the chart music being pants at the time. This track was also used at a key plot point in Ghostbusters II, something to do with slime in the Statue of Liberty.

The Red Army Choir - 'The Russian Nightingales'
While Hopper and Joyce discuss going on a date while in the Russian bunker.

Limahl - 'Never Ending Story'
Dustin and Suzie perform this song together as a duet via their ham radios. Yes, it's NeverEnding Story, the title song to the 1984 fantasy film record by Kajagoogoo's Limahl. The track got into the top ten around the world, got to 4 in the UK and 17 in the US.

Survive - 'Dirge'
Dirge plays when Joyce is closing the gate. Survive is actually the band that the composers of the Stranger Things soundtracks, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, are in when they’re not doing all things Stranger Things.

Hurricane Express - 'When You See Me'
Playing as we leave the video store and we see Jonathan and Nancy carrying out a mattress. Taken from this American rock band’s 1978 album, Early Warning.

Peter Sandberg - 'Deep'
This intimate piece of music that plays while Eleven is reading Hopper's letter is from Swedish multi-instrumentalist and composer Peter Sandberg. His debut album Motion was released in March this year, and Deep is the new single taken from it. This is a great example of very subtle piece of music being used to underscore the moment. Stranger Things is a series based on some pretty impressive set pieces, terrible violence, deaths, dimension spanning beasts, and comic relief, but at its heart it relies on the trust and friendship of our band of heroes. Hopper opening up in the letter about how the grief of losing his daughter had changed him, had made him bury his emotions, only for them to come out when El came into his life is a very touching point to end on.

Peter Gabriel - 'Heroes'
The final song of the season. It plays while Eleven reads Hopper's letter and we see Joyce leave her home for the final time. Taken from Gabriel’s 2010 album Scratch My Back, this track is a cover of David Bowie’s original, released in 1977. Stranger Things fans may remember this track being used during the third episode of season 1, when they believe the dead body of Will Byers was recovered.

Stranger Things 3 Original Score

The third season of Stranger Things is brought to life by tracks from the show's original score by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. You can listen to the original soundtrack in full below.
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