'The Ghost Lab' By Steve Higgins

Steve Higgins - The Ghost Lab

In 'The Ghost Lab: Paranormal Meets Science,' author Steve Higgins critically examines the intriguing intersection of science and the paranormal. He delves into the tools and techniques commonly used in ghost hunting, scrutinising their underlying scientific principles.

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The book advances beyond the fundamentals of electronic voice phenomena and spirit communication, offering insights into physics and earth science that influence perceptions of hauntings. Notable topics include the role of the electromagnetic spectrum in paranormal experiences, the principles governing instrumental transcommunication, and the scientific theories regarding consciousness and the afterlife. In its closing chapters, 'The Ghost Lab' provides a rational discussion about the aims of modern paranormal investigation, highlighting the importance of evidence gathering, evaluation, and debunking of common misconceptions. A thought-provoking read for anyone intrigued by the scientific approach to the supernatural.
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