2017 Is Proving To Be A Productive Year

By Steve Higgins
January 23, 2017 7:13 PM

The new year has got off to a good start in terms of productivity, I've mostly been focussing on blogging on Higgypop.com as that site has been steadily growing over the last twelve months but I have plans to grow some of my other projects too.

So far this year on Higgypop I've managed to add 50 new pages, this includes daily blog posts for the last nine days solid...

As well as those posts, I've had my regular blog posts go up and my automated video pages which are automatically populated from YouTube when I upload video...

Reusing Old Content

On top of all that blogging, I've also been on a mission to reuse some content from old sites which I've shut down including a gay lifestyle website called Playing Out. I ran Playing Out with a friend and it proved fairly popular over a short space of time but the friend lost interest in it, I did spend a few weeks last year re-building the site and we planned to re-launch it but his priorities changed and it was abandoned again.

I hate to delete content, I think content should always live on once its online so copied some of it across to Higgypop, not all of it was really relevant to Higgypop so I cherry picked the pages which were generic enough to be included, matched my style or had a good organic discovery path from Google...

Spooky Stuff

From recycled Playing Out content, I then moved on to some old page from a site I set up called Where's Haunted?, a lot of the content was quite lacking, very limited copy and really just placeholders, but a few of the pages had some worthwhile content, so I copied those across to Higgypop.com too. Some of the pages had comments of users' experiences so I copied that content across to the new pages too to add some depth and colour.

Secret Guides

The final source of content I tapped wasn't forgotten or deleted content but videos from my second YouTube channel, Secret Guides. A lot of the videos are already on Higgypop.com somewhere but I added the rest into their own video pages...

I also moved a lot of blog posts from Revzo.com to this website. The reason being that I don't blog on Revzo.com anymore and I think it does more harm than good to have a blog section where the last post is months or even years old, it makes your website look in active. So I copied over a total of 29 posts.

In total that's 79 web pages either created or restored, most of which has been done in the last few days.

As you can tell, most of this process has been about reusing old content, so now I've exhausted the supply of old content the project is complete and I can move on to a few other things.

Tomorrow I need to do some work for a major client, once that is out of the way then my plan is to continue some work I started before Christmas on Nettleden.com.

The site desperately needs modernising, the photos are too small on modern screens and the site isn't responsive, it shouldn't be too much work to up date it but it should be a very worthwhile task as it's always been my best performing website.

Well, it has been the best performing until recently, in the last few months it's been overtaken by RateMyCrush.com so I also have some plans to develop this further.

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