A Massive Update And A Christmas Colaboration

By Steve Higgins
December 10, 2015 4:31 PM

It's been a little while since I blogged last, so I thought it was time for a quick catch up, especially as it's getting to close to Christmas.

I mentioned before that I was looking at making some daily videos throughout December, that didn't happen, I worked really hard to get ahead so I could have all of December off of making YouTube content, that worked but it didn't give my time to do any additional content.

In terms of the rest of my additional projects, I've just taken on a chunk of video editing and a new website re-build for a media client of mine so that will keep me busy in my 7-9am slot until Christmas and while I'm building his new website I'm going to use the same template to rebuild this one, stevehiggins.co.uk.

Higgypop is an established brand of mine now but it's an audience facing, entertainment product. I also have Revzo and Play Square which promotes my website projects and YouTube consultation/management respectively but I think it's time to start selling me as the genius individual I am. So stevehiggins.co.uk will become a hub for all of my projects including YouTube, web and eBooks... and if I started podcasting and vlogging then that can live here too.

In terms of healthy eating, I've lost 10 kilos now. I'm still off caffeine other than the occasional (not even weekly) cup as a treat with friends. I've only drunk a couple of times in the last 75 days and I've stuck to my healthy eating plan... although that's getting tough this week due to the demands of being social over Christmas.

But, Christmas doesn't have to ruin it, I've lost some weight, it doesn't matter if weight loss slows down over Christmas I just have to operate on a system of damage limitation. It would be hard to put 10KG back on in two weeks. To compensate for the extra eating, I've been walking a lot more. So far this week (Monday to now, Thursday evening) I've walked over 60 miles.

I was thinking of challenging myself to walk two marathons in two days over the weekend but Sunday has now been fully booked up, afternoon and evening but I have a 26 mile route planned out for Saturday which would be a good challenge. I think I'm definitely now a few pounds light than the last time I walked a marathon and my two 20 mile walking days this week haven't felt like much effort at all.

I go back home to Bristol a week today for two weeks and I'm really looking forward to the time off work. I already have a few things planned including a catch up with the old Patchway gang and I'm meeting up with a fellow YouTuber just before Christmas to collaborate with, I'm quite excited about meeting her actually as she funny, smart, pretty and a similar age to me ...maybe I'm saying too much but I'd be very surprised if she finds/reads this. I don't think anyone reads my blog. Anyway, she's not far from Bristol, I really like her videos so looking forward to have a chat and getting to talk to her in person.

I'm not sure what content we'll make yet as tradition dictates that when you collaborate you make a video for each of your channels. It's quite easy for me to feature me in one of her videos but featuring people in mine is kind of tricky, even I'm not in them much but I'd like to try to give her channel a well deserved boost. Earlier this year I featured a former work colleague, Emily, in one of my videos with a couple of call to action to subscribe to her... that got her over 100 new subscribers, not a lot but a fair push.

So once I'm back in Bristol I'm planning to keep my early morning work going but will shift it back a few hours, I'll probably do 9-11ish, maybe 10-12. I'm not pressuring myself too much to get work done over the break but it would be a bonus if I could do the few things that I want to get done.

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