Tech Guru, Dan Wood Interview Commodore UK Boss David Pleasance

By Steve Higgins
August 14, 2015 8:49 PM ‐ YouTube
Dan Wood & David Pleasance
If you've been keeping up with the latest retro gaming news then you can't have missed a couple of fairly high profile parties going on around the world to celebrate the 30th birthday of the legendary Commodore Amiga, including a huge show in Amsterdam in June which, of course, tech guru Dan Wood was at.

There was also a gathering in California and, this week, in the UK which was attended by former Commodore staff, Amiga enthusiasts and talks from the likes of RJ Mical, the Bitmap Brothers, Jon Hare.

While Dan was there he got the chance to interview some pretty notable names from the world of Commodore including a rare interview with final managing director of Commodore UK, David Pleasance.

The interview is a must-watch for any Amiga fan. You can check out the full interview below...


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