How Brands Can Work With YouTube Vloggers

By Steve Higgins
August 26, 2015 8:53 PM ‐ YouTube
Some of the UK's best known vloggers have been giving their experiences of working with brands while at this year's Summer In The City event.

TomSka, Beckii, Noodlerella and Netty Plays spoke to Marketing magazine at the 2015 event at London's ExCeL.

Their key message stressed the importance of forging an honest bond between content creators and brands as more and more brands are moving away from traditional media outlets in favour of the new army of content producers that speak to their audiences more intimately.

TomSka says, "If you're a brand and you're trying to work with YouTubers, don't just try and hammer in a slogan or something. Work with them. They know their audience, more likely or not, better than you do."


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