Capital FM's Jingle Bell Ball Live Blog

By Steve Higgins
December 13, 2012 8:03 PM
Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball

The blog was publish in Global's in-house CMS but with the addition of custom HTML elements, animated GIFs, video embeds, off-the-cuff/random photos off staff in various masks and tweets published through Storify.

The timestamped posts written during the event on Saturday and Sunday, and during the build up on Friday provided a great insight in to the backstage excitement.  It told a story, provided unique content and was quirky and full of character.

The blog also featured a big bold box which was used to draw the user's attention to on air events and provided them with an in page 'listen' button encouraging them to tune in to Capital FM.

The blog was basically a great way to bring a static page to life, pull content together and keep users coming back.

» Read Friday's Blog Here
» Read Saturday's Blog Here
» Read Sunday's Blog Here 

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