Introducing Play Square MCN

By Steve Higgins
September 01, 2014 9:32 PM

As you know I've always been passionate about YouTube ever since opening my account and uploading my first video in 2006.

Play Square

I think now, YouTube is more exciting than ever. A recent poll in the Telegraph showed that YouTube stars are more recognisable within the 18-24 demographic than pop stars like Beyonce.

Obviously I like to make weird video but I know I'll never be an online star, I'm not young enough and I don't have the right fringe but I see the potential in these amazing young talents. Some of which have risen to over 20 million subscriber in just twelve months.

That's why I've launched Play Square, a new breed of YouTube multi-channel network (MCN). In the past, these kind of networks have been criticised heavily for their immoral and unethical style of talent management but I see things differently which is why I want to offer this service to growing channels.

I've built a unique community platform, think of it as part dating site where you can find a match and rather than make sweet love, make videos together. You can bid for product placement opportunities and get access to the finest tutorials.

The best part of the Play Square community is that the more you put in, the more you get out. It's a great way to let people discover your channel. It's the only network which really is designed to increase your video views and subscribers ...not to take a cut of your AdSense revenue.

There's no contracts, you're not tied in and you can even be part of another network at the same time.

We haven't opened our doors to the public just yet but you can register your interest and find out more at



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