Rightster Lands Deal To Launch Arts Council MCN

By Steve Higgins
September 30, 2014 10:53 AM ‐ YouTube
British YouTube MCN Rightster has landed a £1.8m fund from The Arts Council to setup a multi-channel network dedicated to the arts.

The Arts Council wants to increase its reach of arts and culture programming by building a community and audience online. The fund will be used to support a new YouTube channel, which is due to launch next summer.

Simon Mellor, the Arts Council's executive director for arts and culture said "there is some great arts content online, but it is hard to find and fragmented. We hope that the award to Rightster will support the arts sector to find and develop new audiences and build their profile in this expanding digital space."

Rightster's chief strategy officer Simon Walker said "The Arts Council’s innovative ambition is to ensure that the extraordinary riches of the arts scene are properly represented in this brave new world of online video. We look forward to helping artists and arts organisations tell their stories and reach the right audiences, with the right content in the right context and at the right scale."

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