Workings In Office Vs Working From Home

By Steve Higgins
November 19, 2015 4:26 PM

Well here's something I find odd, annoying and frustrating. Working in an office when actually I could be working anywhere... even Spain!

I'm lucky in that I work one day a week at home, on a Friday, the rest of the week I'm stuck in an office, a fairly small office with a very limited number of people. Previously I've worked in big offices with not just friends but enough people to have different groups of friends. So when you get that mid-afternoon lull on a Wednesday, you can have a break from your desk and go and chat to friends to wake you up.

As I don't have this in my job, it makes being stuck in an office all the more frustrating. But what frustrates me further is that I enjoy my work less and feel less productive in an office.

We all have aspects of our working week that we don't enjoy but what makes it worse doing that bit of work is when it's dragged out. In an office there are lots of things that drag you out of what you're doing and prolong that task, just little things like impromptu meetings or work chats, assisting with something... sure there are distractions like making a round of tea but you get those little distractions at home too and that little break from your desk is quite healthy.

When I work from home I get just as much done, if not more but I'm much happier. If I want a break from my desk, in the office the only option is to go to the toilet or make a cup of tea (I've quit caffeine,) at home I can wander around the house, I'm in a comfortable environment so that little lean back off my chair and break out from work is a comfortable peek out of work at my life.

The thought of having to get up, get dressed and go in to an office that I don't want to be in all day isn't much of a motivator for me, so therefore I rarely arrive in work bang on time BUT when I work from home I am sat at my laptop ready to go on the dot of the start of my shift.

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