A Mysterious Package Arrived Today

By Steve Higgins
October 28, 2015 2:00 PM

It's half way through the second week and progress is good, this week has been a bit more socially so sticking to healthy eating has been more tough but I've continued to make the healthy choices.

Maker Studios
I've so far this week shot two videos and pretty much finished both edits, I'm going to try to start on two more before the end of the week, two more would then take me up to December. I'm thinking of making some daily, advent calendar style videos in December but am also keen to get ahead and start making content for the new year.

Beyond work it's been a busy week, I was out last night was out with friends (highly creative and inspiring friends/clients in fact) but I didn't have a treat day available. We met in a pub and I avoided alcohol and then we went on to an Indian restaurant. I went for chicken shaslik because it's basically just chicken and vegetable and delicious! I stayed clear of extras and again didn't drink.

I'm out again tonight and still no treat day available, so will have to make healthy choices again. I can't let healthy eating effect my social life. My five day cycle starts again tomorrow so I'll have a treat meal I can use at the weekend so that's something to look forward to.

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