Drug Funded Fetish Website

September 01, 2017 7:34 PM
Drug Money
I got one of those annoying unwanted phone calls from an Indian-based web design company, I'd recently registered a new website domain name and they'd stolen my phone number as part of that process.

I first spoke to a man who said his name was Jane, I told him I want to build a new "WAM" adult website and wanted to know if this was something they could help with. Unfortunately the phone line wasn't great so Jane got one of his colleagues to call me back.

Then next person I spoke to, Zackary, asked a little more about my project but when I told him that I'd be funding the website with drug money I obtained from criminal gangs in South America, he wasn't so keen to get involved.

I did asked if he could put me through to their drug department, but amazingly they didn't have one. Instead he suggested selling the drugs I have and using the money to pay for his services.

From Phone Number: +1 313 895 521


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