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  • A Practical Guide To Writing & Casting Effective Magic Spells

    February 04, 2023

    Tips and guidance on writing and casting effective magic spells, including determining your intention, choosing the right words, creating a personalised ritual, using symbolism, and charging your spell with emotion and energy.

  • Trying An Anti-Bully Spell

    May 31, 2020

    If you're bothered by bullies, either at school, in your workplace or members of your family, then this 'Bully Off' spell kit might be for you.

  • Witchcraft Wednesdays: Love Spells

    May 13, 2020

    In the fourth of nine weekly videos documenting her exploration of witchcraft, Mary Beattie shares two love spells for beginner witches to try.

  • Trying A Spell To Make You Achieve Your Goals

    February 23, 2020

    We tried a spell kit designed to help you achieve goals, it includes all the ingredients and items needed to perform a spell to help you succeed.

  • Easy Love Spells You Can Try At Home

    February 14, 2020

    They say you find love when you least expect it, but what if there was something you can do to help you find love? Below are some simple magic spells you can perform at home to try to find love.

  • Powerful Valentine's Love Ritual - Real Magic

    February 06, 2020

    Two powerful ritual magic spells to bring love into your life this Valentine's Day. This magic can deepen existing love, bring new love or return a lover.

  • Trying A Real Abundance Magic Spell Kit

    April 22, 2019

    Trying a real magic spell which is designed to bring abundance into your life. The spell is available in kit form for all to try and is suitable for beginners.

  • Trying An Attract Love Spell Kit

    April 02, 2019

    Find out what happened when we tried an attract love spell kit, which includes all the ingredients and items needed to perform a spell to bring love into your life.

  • Trying A Business Success Spell Kit

    March 10, 2019

    Find out what happened when we tried a business success kit, which includes all the ingredients and items needed to perform a spell to make your new venture fruitful.

  • Wiccan Luck Spells To Overcome Friday 13th

    July 12, 2018

    Friday the 13th is said to be the most unlucky date in the calendar. If you're superstitious, then you may be looking for ways to repel bad fortune this Friday 13th, so perhaps a Wiccan good luck spell is the answer.

  • Higgypop's Top 10 Potions 2017

    December 28, 2017

    The ten most watched spells, potions and rituals from Higgypop in the last twelve months. My potion videos in 2017 included super power potions, transfiguration rituals, and summoning spells.

  • Higgypop's Occult Magick Book Collection

    I've put together a truly fantastic collection of 40 original rare and vintage books on the subject of the occult, ancient magick, tarot, alchemy, astrology, wicca, paganism, palm reading, spells and necronomicon. These books are available for instant download and have been professionally scanned in high quality, preserving this long-forgotten knowledge forever in PDF ebook format.

  • 6 Best Wiccan Love Spells

    April 02, 2017

    Six easy love rituals from traditional occult wiccan magick books. These spells are easy to perform so you can try them for yourself.

  • Higgypop Potions, Spells & Magic

    May 23, 2016

    I make magical spells, potions and ritual videos which are fun for all the family. I've brewed everything from mermaid potions to good luck charms in my cauldron.

  • Potion Ingredients

    List Of Potion Ingredients

    October 21, 2015

    A complete list of all ingredients used by Higgypop in his magic spells and potions videos.

  • Potions

    August 26, 2015

    Full instructions for brewing Higgypop's potions and information on where to find magical potion ingredients, plus photos and videos of the potion's effects.

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