Most Commonly Asked Questions About Ghosts

December 29, 2018 6:00 AM

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Ghostly Figures
Here at Higgypop we're always being asked questions about the paranormal, ghosts and the nature of hauntings. We've put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about the paranormal that we've tackled.

General Ghost Questions

We all know that in the land of the living, humans are made up of mostly water, but what happens when someone comes back from beyond the grave? How do they manifest into a ghost and what are spirits physically made of? Read the full answer.

Why do ghosts haunt us? Are they trapped in our plain of existence or do they choose to be here? Well, despite centuries of paranormal investigation no one knows, but there are some interesting thoughts on the subject. Read the full answer.

When you think of stories of classic haunting, you probably think of footsteps, a drop in temperature, disembodied voices or moaning, and perhaps the sound of clanking chains, but why are chain so synonymous with ghosts? Read the full answer.

Orbs are small spheres of glowing light that appear in photographs and videos, usually when the image is captured at night, especially when using an infrared night vision camera or flash, but what causes this phenomenon? Read the full answer.

Many different traditions and cultures have different beliefs of what a demon fundamentally is, but the best way to describe a demon is simply as a non-human malevolent entity. Read the full answer. Read the full answer.

Ectoplasm was, the gloopy, slimy, ghost residue, was at one time very popular in the paranormal world, but what's happened to ectoplasm? It seems to have dropped off of ghost hunter's radars? Read the full answer.

Have you ever wondered if ghosts need to eat and if they do, what is their favourite meal? What about their waste, do spooks need to use the bathroom? Read the full answer. Read the full answer.

Ghost Hunting

There are countless sightings of ghosts not only in the dead of night but also in broad day light and lit houses. So why do ghost hunters chose to hunt for spirits in the dark? Read the full answer.

Have you ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of the Ghostbusters and lead your own real-life paranormal investigations? There are a few ways you can get started in the fun and fascinating world of ghost hunting. Read the full answer.

Just how easy is it to start a career in parapsychology and how do you go about getting trained and gaining experience in this specialised field of psychology? Read the full answer.

If you're a fan of paranormal television shows, then you may have noticed that at certain locations investigators wear protective face masks, but why do ghost hunters need this piece of protective kit? Read the full answer.

Ouija boards have been a popular part of a séance since Victorian times and while many don't believe in ouija boards, it's easy to experience the creepy movement on the board as spirits answer questions and spell out words. Read the full answer.

An electromagnetic field meter is one of the most popular pieces of ghost hunting kit, but why are EMF meters so commonly used by ghost hunters? And what is the connection between ghosts and electromagnetic energy? Read the full answer.

Thermal imaging cameras are a popular but relatively expensive piece of ghost hunting equipment, they visualise infrared radiation on a screen to show areas of heat. Read the full answer.

There are plenty of ghost hunting gadgets around, the REM Pod is just one of them and it's not the cheapest but is it worth the money? How exactly does it work and is it reliable? Read the full answer.

The one thing that can be a little awkward when starting out with ghost hunting is calling out to the spirits, here's some tips to build your confidence. Read the full answer.

Non-believers in the paranormal often get asked why they go on ghost hunts, so why does any skeptic go ghost hunting? Read the full answer.

Spirit photography is a field of photography which aims to capture images of ghosts or apparitions in the shot, usually as part of ghost hunts or in haunted locations. Read the full answer.

Paranormal investigators don't like the media labelling them "ghost hunters", is this just supernatural snobbery or is the term ghost hunting a slur on this field of research? Read the full answer.

Paranormal research has a reputation of being pseudoscientific. If this is the case, then why do even those who don't believe take the time to investigate suspected paranormal activity. Read the full answer.


If you suspect you're being haunted by a demonic entity or would just like to learn more about demons, then you may be wondering where you can study the subject of demonology. Read the full answer.

You've probably been told by many people that messing with the occult is extremely dangerous and potentially even life threatening, but how much attention should we really pay to these stark warnings about experimenting with the supernatural? Read the full answer.

A demon is a non-human entity, they are blame for demonic hauntings and possession, but it can be hard to determine if the activity is truly a result of a demonic entity or not. Read the full answer.

The church would argue that you can't conduct am exorcism yourself without being an ordained priest, as with many other aspects of demonology, this is a dated concept. Read the full answer.

Do you want to become a demonologist and use demonology to investigate demonic presences as part of paranormal investigations? Read the full answer.

Zozo is said to be an ancient demon who makes himself known to those who dabble with contacting spirits, especially via a Ouija board. Read the full answer.

Determining If Your House Is Haunted

If you think your house might be haunted, then how do you confirm that this is a genuine haunting and that it's not just your imagination or someone playing a prank on you? Read the full answer.

If your house is haunted by an unwanted ghost or spirit, whether it be placid or malevolent, you're probably desperate to find a way to catch it, trap it and remove it from your home. Read the full answer.

Sage has a long history of medicinal and culinary use, in modern times it has been used as an ornamental garden plant, but today it's commonly used for smudging. Read the full answer.

You must have experienced that phenomenon when you're sat at home and suddenly something on a shelf suddenly, but what causes this? Is it paranormal, is there a spiritual meaning, or is there a rational explanation for these items unexpected movements? Read the full answer.

Many people from all different cultures have reported being visited by demons for generations, but what causes this vision? Read the full answer.

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