List Of Haunted Places In The West Midlands

Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt
The West Midlands has plenty of stories to tell, not only does it contain Shakespeare country, but it also has some of England's most haunted prisons, castles and cemeteries. From the major metropolis that is Birmingham, through to peaceful haunted woodland like Cannock Chase, the West Midlands has got enough to keep a ghost hunter occupied for a lifetime.
  • Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham

    The New Alexandra Theatre, commonly known as the Alex, is a theatre on Sttion Steet.

  • Anne Hathaway's Cottage, Stratford-upon-Avon

    The childhood house of Shakespeare's wife is said to have a sinister presence in a bedroom and passers-by have seen the ghost of a female through the window.

  • Aston Hall, Birmingham

    Aston Hall is a Grade I listed Jacobean house built between 1618 and 1635, today it is used as a museum.

  • Avon Riverbank, Stratford-upon-Avon

    It's on the banks on the river that Olive Bennet walked her last steps, before being found strangled, her killer was never found. The area is know for its paranormal activity.

  • Baskerville House, Birmingham

    Baskerville House is a former civic building in Centenary Square and was built on the former estate of Easy Hill, the home of the wealthy printer John Baskerville.

  • Birmingham Council House, Birmingham

    Birmingham Council House is a Grade II listed building in Victoria Square that was built in 1875.

  • Birmingham New Street Railway Station, Birmingham

    Birmingham New Steet is a major transport hub and the busiest of the three main railway stations in the city, it said that throughout its more than 160 year history, four people have committed suicide, all on platform four.

  • Birmingham Town Hall, Birmingham

    Birmingham Town Hall is a Grade I listed concert hall and events venue in Victoria Square, which opened in 1834.

  • Bishton Hall, Bellamour

    There have been sighings of dark mists, shadowy figures and even an apparition of a woman seen looking out a window on the upper floor of this Georgian mansion.

  • Cannock Chase, Cannock

    Cannock Chase in Stffordshire is a former Royal forest with a history of paranormal activity.

  • Clifton Cinema, Sedgley

    The old Clifton Cinema is now a Wetherspoon's pub, having also been used for a time as a bingo hall after closing as a cinema.

  • Clopton House, Stratford-upon-Avon

    Clopton House is a 17th-century country mansion to the north of the town. It was here that Margaret Clopton, abandoned by her lover, ventured out into the night and drowned herself in the ancient well in the house's grounds.

  • Coombe Abbey Hotel, Coventry

    The grade I listed building was originally built as a monastery in the 12th century, it was only open as a hotel in 1992 and since people have reported lots of odd goings on.

  • Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminster

    Visitors who dare to enter the tunnels have reported hearing strange noises, screaming and cries, and disembodied voices and violent poltergeist activity in the darkness.

  • Dudley Castle, Dudley

    The ruins of the castle stand in the town of Dudley, fortification on this site dates back to 1071 following the Norman invasion in 1066.

  • Edgehill, Banbury

    The Battle of Edgehill took place on 23rd October 1642 midway between Banbury and Warwick and was the first battle of the English Civil War.

  • Ettington Park Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon

    Ettington Park has been a luxury hotel since 1983, but was once home to the Shirleys, one of Warwickshire's oldest families.

  • Guy's Cliffe House, Warwick

    When you imagine a haunted house, the image you conjure up in your head won't be far off Guy's Cliffe, it's the typical haunted house.

  • Haden Hill House, Birmingham

    On the outskirts of Birmingham, is a Tudor manor house with legends of an entombed monk, secret passageways and plenty of ghost stories.

  • Hall's Croft, Stratford-upon-Avon

    Hall's Croft is one of the more prominent buildings in the centre of Stratford-Upon-Avon. It is also regarded as one of the most haunted.

  • Haunted Museum & Spirit Shop, Stoke on Trent

    The Haunted Museum & Spirit Shop opened at the end of 2021 and is home to various haunted artefacts and ghost hunting paraphernalia, including an old granddaughter clock in the séance room.

  • HMP Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury

    There's been a prison on the site since 1793, however the building as it currently stands was built in 1877.

  • Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon

    Holy Trinity Church is the burial place of William Shakespeare, which is said to be cursed. The churchyard is also believed to be the scene of a murder in 1954.

  • Leamington Spa Railway Station, Leamington Spa

    The present art deco-style station dates back to immediately prior to the Second World War and is well known as a paranormal hotspot, so much so that in 2014 Chiltern Railways appointed Nick Rees as that station's "supernatural liaison officer".

  • Magic Alley & The Creaky Cauldron, Stratford-upon-Avon

    A magical museum spread over three floors in the only remaining part of Stratford's historic White Lion Inn. The staff claim that the top floor is haunted.

  • Shottery Manor, Stratford-upon-Avon

    Shottery Manor now makes up part of the Stratford Girls' Grammar School and is used as a sixth form centre, it is still said to be haunted to this day by teaching staff.

  • Shrewsbury Railway Station, Shrewsbury

    Built in 1848, Shrewsbury train station is now a Grade II listed building and it's said to have two paranormal hotspots.

  • Smethwick Baths, Smethwick

    Smethwick Baths on the outskirts of Birmingham has been a popular haunt for ghost hunters, they've recorded various activity there over the past two decades.

  • Steelhouse Lane Lockup, Birmingham

    Birmingham's Stelhouse Lane Lockup, a historic Grade II listed police station which operated for 125 years.

  • The Ancient High House, Stafford

    The Ancient High House was built in around 1595, for the wealthy Dorrington family, the ornate timber-framed exterior of the building, is said to be the largest surviving timber frame Tudor townhouse in England.

  • The Black Country Living Museum, Dudley

    The Black Country Living opened in 1978, much of the site is said to be haunted included the school house.

  • The Court Oak, Birmingham

    The Court Oak pub in Harborne is said to be the most haunted pub in the city of Birmingham.

  • The Leopard Inn, Stoke on Trent

    The Leopard Inn pub in Stke-on-Trent hss entertained guests for at least 300 years, but where there's history, there's haunting.

  • The Nunnery, Malvern

    Built in 1879, the Nunnery is a sprawling building which was once home to 250 nuns complete with its own vast chapel and has plenty of ghost stories to tell.

  • The Shakespeare Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon

    The hotel, which is now owned by Mercure, is supposed to be home to several spooks, including a cavalier, an elderly man, and a girl named Lucy who hung herself.

  • The Victorian Courts Of Justice, West Bromwich

    The former West Bromwich Magistrates Court building in Lombard Street West closed in 2011 and have earned a haunted reputation after being left vacant ever since.

  • Tudor World Museum, Stratford-upon-Avon

    Shrieves House is one of the oldest structures in Stratford-Upon-Avon. It was for a time known as the Falstaff Experience Museum, and is now the Tudor World Museum.

  • Tutbury Castle, Tutbury

    Tutbury Castle served as a prison to Mary Queen of Scots, and offered shelter to Charles I during the Civil War, but today the castle is just as famous for its ghost sightings.

  • Warstone Lane Cemetery, Birmingham

    Warstone Lane Cemetery, also known as Brookfields Cemetery, or Mint Cemetery, from the adjacent Birmingham Mint.

  • Warwick Castle, Warwick

    The castle as it stands today was built in 1068, but settlements on the site date back more than 150 years before this.

  • Wilderhope Manor, Shrewsbury

    In the grounds of Wilderhope Manor in Church Stetton the ghost of a Civil War major has reportedly been seen riding away from his former home on his horse.


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